Why Virgin Coconut Oil is so special

Virgin coconut oil (VCO) is an extremely versatile and healthy product. It can be used for cooking, diets, cosmetics (skin and hair), and as a natural remedy for both humans and animals. Using VCO on a daily basis will boost your health and change your life!

 Boa Gente 750ml & 200ml bottles © Boa Gente

Boa Gente 750ml & 200ml bottles © Boa Gente

Boa Gente Virgin Coconut Oil

Production process: Our virgin coconut oil is cold-pressed at our cottage factory in Machavenga, in the rural districts of the Municipality of Inhambane, Mozambique. We use modern stainless steel equipment to ensure commercial quality. The production process involves merely opening of the coconut, grating it, drying it and pressing it. It takes about one hour from the opening of each coconut to its pressing. Boa Gente oil is packaged directly in our lab at the factory. The production process and storage and packaging follow sanitary and quality standards and best practices to ensure that the oil you buy from us is of the highest quality.

 Boa Gente workers processing coconuts to make the oil © Boa Gente

Boa Gente workers processing coconuts to make the oil © Boa Gente

100% Organic and Fair trade: Our oil is made from the freshest coconuts. These are procured at the fairest price in the market from about 100 small farmers within a radius of 10 Km and picked at most 5 days before processing . No chemicals, additives or preservatives are added to our oil. 

Environmentally friendly: The production of Boa Gente VCO is a zero-waste one since the husks, the shells, the water and the meat are used for production and/or commercialised. No chemicals are used during the process and very little electrical power - just for grating the coconuts and lighting - is required. Boa Gente uses recycled and sterilised glass packaging also bought from the community. Only caps are bought new. 

 Boa Gente workers planting the coconut nursery © Boa Gente

Boa Gente workers planting the coconut nursery © Boa Gente

Applications of Virgin Coconut Oil


  • Applying VCO daily on your body and face after bathing, will rejuvenate and nourish your skin like no other cosmetic and give you baby skin;

  • For healing, massage daily on dry skin, skin infections, dermatitis, acne, psoriasis, burns, insect bites, scars, wrinkles until they disappear;

  • Can be used as sun protection on darker skins (natural sun protection index 5) and is a great after-sun for fairer skins;

  • Totally safe to use as a lotion for babies as it is 100% natural;

  • Great as massage oil.


VCO is a natural deep conditioner. Massaging some VCO in hair and scalp before washing will give you soft and shimmering hair, protect your hair from protein loss and remove/prevent dandruff. For best results leave the oil overnight before washing it out.


Great for cooking, frying, grilling. Can be used as seasoning/flavouring or butter.
The consumption of VCO instead of other oils is recomended by health professionals to balance cholesterol levels, reduce risk of heart disease and cancer. It is also the best oil to use for weight-loss diets.

N.B. VCO is liquid and cristal clear when it is liquid and becomes solid and white under 26ºC.

 Coconut seedlings © Boa Gente

Coconut seedlings © Boa Gente

Traditional uses of virgin coconut oil

Communities in coconut growing areas all over the world have been using VCO for centuries, traditionally as a cosmetic, a cooking oil and a natural medicine…

  • India- Coconut oil is an important part of Ayurvedic medicine, a medical practice that is said to be 5000 years old.

  • Inhabitants of Panama drink a glass of coconut oil to protect themselves and recover from illness.

  • Philippines- Putting coconut oil on hair keeps it shiny, thick and black even in old age. It can also speed the healing of burns, cuts, bruises, and broken bones. It is massaged into aching joints and muscles.

  • Thailand, Sri Lanka- Coconut oil is the main oil used in cooking. The oil is also commonly used as cosmetics and medicine.

  • Zanzibar-Coconut oil is not only used for candle making, it also serves as a diesel fuel and provides lighting.

  • Indonesia-Women apply coconut oil on their hair and body to keep their hair and skin healthy. It is also used for cooking purposes.

  • Samoa (Pacific islands) - Mothers massage their children’s whole body with coconut oil for the child to have strong bones and healthy skin free from infections and blemishes. The soft spot in the infants head is gently massaged with a few drops of coconut oil, believed to prevent illness. Teething babies are also massaged with coconut oil to ease pain.